ADI makes an appointment with you for MWC 2023, experiencing future connectivity immediately

Beijing, China – February 17, 2023 – Analog Devices, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADI) sincerely invites the public to participate in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2023, and looks forward to experiencing the future connectivity technology together through demonstration interaction and expert discussion. Welcome to booth # 2B18 in Hall 2 to get a closer look at ADI’s solutions for reducing energy consumption, shortening design cycles, changing future work, and how to minimize environmental impact, achieve and accelerate breakthrough innovation, and bring a colorful life to people.

With the help of a compliance tested reference design platform and commercial grade RU IP, ADI solutions can help customers achieve faster delivery of innovative advanced radio frequency units (RU). At that time, ADI experts will be present to discuss RAN energy-saving solutions and demonstrate the interoperability of the platform. In addition, the ADI consumer electronics team will showcase its latest innovative technologies in the field of connectivity through hybrid reality (MR) headworn devices, as well as audible and wearable devices.
Highlights of RF unit demonstration:
·ADI’s next generation large-scale MIMO (mMIMO) reference design reduces power consumption by 40%. The reference design of this 32Tx/32Rx mMIMO RF unit is based on the latest ADI RadioVerse? ADRV904 x System on Chip (SoC), including fully integrated digital front-end and advanced baseband processors from partners. Compared to competitive solutions, this solution can reduce power consumption by 40%, resulting in a lighter and smaller radio design that accelerates time to market.
·Advanced microsleep mode to create a more sustainable network. Due to the fact that the energy consumption of radio frequency access networks (RANs) accounts for 70% to 80% of the total network energy consumption, energy-saving models are crucial in order to reduce the carbon footprint of 5G networks and reduce their operating expenses. The ADI RadioVerse solution can meet the requirements of the upcoming 3GPP Rel.18 Network Energy Saving (NES) mode for 5G RAN. To explore how to achieve energy conservation in an interactive model of microsleep and sleep modes configured across multiple open remote units (O-RU), welcome to visit and learn more.
·Next generation 5G millimeter wave beam forming platform. Upgrade macro stations, small base stations, and indoor 5G deployments throughout the entire frequency band from 24GHz to 47GHz. This 8T8R 400MHz solution fully demonstrates the advantages of ADI’s latest millimeter wave reference platform that supports O-RAN 7.2x segmentation. This platform is fully developed based on ADI silicon solutions, which can improve the efficiency of analog beamforming by 25%.
In today’s world, virtual connectivity is gradually becoming a part of daily life. ADI will showcase many advanced technologies in the field of consumer electronics to enrich people’s sensory experience through realistic human-computer interaction:
·MR Headworn Devices: Join hands with the Metaverse to achieve a future way of working. Integrating the emerging virtual world into daily life can not be separated from strong technical support: intelligent Edge device, 5G/6G infrastructure and green energy for its power supply. ADI’s technology is making all of this possible.
·Audible device solution: Listen to the original sound of life. Filter, amplify or enhance the sound in daily life according to the environment in a timely manner, allowing people to experience the perfect sound at all times. No matter where we are, whether it’s work, entertainment, or rest, situational aware wearable device solutions will change our way of life.
·USB-C Fast Charging, Battery Insight and Protection: Fast charging provides assistance for your work and life. Improving charging efficiency can reduce battery loss and extend the service life of the device. The USB-C fast charging technology allows mobile phones, headphones, or gaming devices to continue to operate normally, and the small-sized design also has high efficiency and safety.
For more detailed information about the ADI O-RU radio platform, please visit the ADI O-RU radio platform webpage. The interoperability of the platform has been verified, and full function end-to-end calls can be realized. This platform will be displayed at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Please visit the ADl booth (Hall 2, No. 2B18). For more information, please visit the ADI MWC webpage.
About ADI Company
Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) is a leading semiconductor company globally committed to bridging the gap between the real world and the digital world to achieve breakthrough innovation in the field of intelligent edges. ADI provides solutions that combine analog, digital, and software technologies to promote sustainable development in fields such as digital factories, automobiles, and digital healthcare, address climate change challenges, and establish reliable connectivity between humans and everything in the world. ADI Company’s revenue in the fiscal year 2022 exceeded $12 billion and employs approximately 25000 people worldwide. Joining hands with 125000 customers worldwide, ADI helps innovators constantly surpass all possibilities.